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To add your business to the Ovacik Tourist Guide & Business Directory : BUSINESS LISTINGS you must add your details below.

You may add your business details, including :

– contact details
– business picture / logo
– business email contact address
– telephone number
– messenger IDs
– business website URL link
– business biography, info, opening hours, etc.

Make sure you select the relevant category for your business in Categories.

Once we have received your information and confirmed it is relevant.
ie. your business is in Ovacik, Mugla, Turkey and it isn’t spam we will activate your listing and it will show to the public when they visit our site. This may take up to 14 days.

After submitting your business details, should you wish to edit or update it, you can do so by registering (with the email address you used for your submission) & logging in. Your updated listing will show after it has been checked by admin.

If you spam our site (ie. multiple submissions or irrelevant submissions) your listings will be deleted and your account deleted, and you will be added to various spam reporting websites. So if your not a genuine Ovacik business, you’re just wasting your time posting and will be blacklisted.

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